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Our legal transcriptionists specialize in many different areas from criminal defense to property law. With years of experience transcribing for law firms and businesses of all sizes, we guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy.

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Professionals use legal transcription in a variety of industries, from real estate to law. Our team understands the unique issues you face in the legal and business sectors. So, if you're looking for fast, affordable legal transcripts, LexTranscribe is here to serve you.

Cost-Effective Solutions
For Your Law Firm

Make researching and referencing effortless with searchable legal transcripts. Simply press Ctrl + F, type a keyword into the search box, and each instance of the phrase is highlighted for you. Considering administrative costs and time you’ll save, our legal transcription services virtually pay for themselves.

Fast Delivery
For Legal Courts & Lawyers

Client demands and impromptu court requests often arise at the last minute. Our accurate legal transcriptionists work in tandem with the latest technology to deliver fast turnaround times while ensuring quality. Prepare for the unexpected with fast, accurate legal transcription at your fingertips.

Collaboration Features
For Your Business & Corporation

Don’t lose brilliant ideas during collaboration. LexTranscribe’s features allow you to easily take notes, highlight, and share legal transcripts with your team whether you work for a small business or a corporate legal department. With your legal documents combined into convenient digital files, your team can easily communicate and strategize.

Eliminate Tedious Tasks With Law
Enforcement Transcription

Transcribing victim or suspect statements is a tedious task, and more than likely, it is not what you dreamed of doing as an investigator or police officer. Our transcribers have worked with police departments throughout the US. Let our experts take the burden of law enforcement transcription off your hands, so you can focus on protecting your community.

Expert Legal Transcription Services— 100% Quality Guaranteed

Our human transcribers provide accurate legal transcriptions for your law firm, business, or personal use. We specialize in a variety of transcription services, guaranteeing 100% quality and giving you access to the information you need when it’s most important.


Don’t waste hours scanning notes. Receive a verbatim account of who said what with exact timestamps. Make your remote and in-person hearings efficient with precise arbitration transcription.
Discover how arbitration transcription eliminates the confusion of who says what and when


Out-of-court depositions place a heavy burden on your legal team. Our experts provide reliable deposition transcription services. Save time and energy so you can focus on strategy.
Find out how deposition transcription makes your workflow more efficient


Don’t miss important details. We have extensive experience with the US court system. Trust our team to deliver accurate court transcripts on your schedule. Strengthen your case with the facts.
Interested? Learn how law firms and businesses use court transcription to increase productivity

Law Enforcement

You don’t have to endure the painstaking task of law enforcement transcription. LexTranscribe understands your heavy caseload. Get witness and victim statements transcribed in just three easy steps.
Curious? Check out the ways law enforcement transcription eases your department’s workload

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