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Our company was founded in 2007 by Ofer Tirosh, a global language expert and engineer. We belong to an international group of companies that has grown from serving just a handful of clients to over 95,000+.

Tomedes, our parent company, has served and collaborated with various industries for over 15 years. Now, LexTranscribe seeks to help law firms and businesses maximize their resources with accurate legal transcription services.

Our vision is to be a leading legal transcription company that elevates the standard for transcription with unparalleled precision and genuine client-centered service.


Our team cares about each project. The superior quality of transcripts consistently delivered reflects the time and attention invested in them.

Our dedication to client success sets us apart from other legal transcription agencies. We add value to our clients’ lives by understanding their problems and offering solutions.

The future of legal transcription is full of possibilities. We look forward to helping law firms and businesses reach their full potential.

- Ofer Tirosh, CEO

Our Transcription Agency Is Devoted To Your Success

Renowned institutions trust LexTranscribe for reliable legal transcriptions & 24/7 client care. Our legal transcriptionists speak 120 languages. With decades of combined experience, they specialize in legal transcription for a variety of industries.

Our team provides searchable transcriptions in a variety of formats, which we can customize according to your specifications. We are dedicated to ensuring accuracy and quality with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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