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Experience The Highest Level Of Security

Handling sensitive client information requires the highest level of security and a team prepared to cover every angle. LexTranscribe implements a four-point security protocol.

Take Data Protection To The Next Level

Malware and virus attacks can compromise your files. Our secure network protects your data from the initial transmission of your audio files through processing and storing your legal transcript.

Safeguard Your Files With Data Encryption

Cybercriminals can intercept your legal files for ransom, threatening to leak your information and demand money. Our platform features HTTPS with SSL encryption to prevent identity theft and ransomware.

Maintain Control With Data Retention

Some legal transcription companies sell your information without your permission. At LexTranscribe, you maintain complete control of your data. We only store or delete files at your request.

Let Our Security Management Protect You

Don't wait until your security is under attack. Our Data Protection Officers have the experience to identify and mitigate threats in advance. We prevent security attacks before they happen.

We’re Committed To Our
Confidentiality Agreement

A careless transcription company may leak your confidential information. At LexTranscribe, what you share stays with us. We build lasting professional relationships on mutual trust and confidentiality.

Our Team Understands the Importance of Confidentiality

Some companies don't even bother with NDAs. Our team members are fully vetted and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. They also complete training to ensure these agreements are understood and taken seriously.

Prevent Unauthorized Disclosure

User errors and lack of training put your confidentiality at risk. You don't want sensitive information disclosed to unauthorized individuals. Our team adheres to strict procedures for handling your information.

Technical Controls Designed To Protect Your Information

Don't let your confidentiality fall into the wrong hands. With technical controls, including multi-factor authentication and file access logs, we prevent insider & outsider security breaches before it's too late.


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Security & Confidentiality